Chip King, Owner and Managing Partner of CallRevu, will be the keynote speaker at this year’s DMSC. His workshop, titled “The Power of the Phone is Changing All the Rules…Again,” will overview the evolution of the phone and how to effectively use the newest trends in technology in your dealership.

The Smart Phone has changed the rules of the marketplace. Meet your customers where they are using the power of technology!

Learn from Chip King’s Experience in the DealershipChip-King-bw-200

Chip’s success stems from his central focus on the customer’s experience. From 1977 to 2008, Chip held just about every dealership position, including General Manager and Dealer Principle.

As a General Manager running a large advertising campaign at a store, Chip experienced unfavorable results. The phones were ringing, but cars weren’t selling. After listening to phone recordings, it was clear why customers were not coming into the store – which was when Chip began CallRevu.

Since founding CallRevu in 2006, the company has become the standard to phone process management. CallRevu delivers real-time actionable phone process performance and key data that allow both immediate vision of opportunities and the ability to measure trends and control expenses. CallRevu is now in service in over 500 dealerships.

Chip is passionate about sharing his expertise with dealers and managers on correcting the top profit leaks in the auto dealership phone process. Be sure to attend his workshop to learn how you can be getting the most out of today’s technology with the newest trends in the marketplace.

CallRevu is the Event Sponsor of the conference so be sure to visit their booth to learn more!

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