PCG Companies is thrilled to have MAXDigital as a Platinum Sponsor of the 2017 Digital Marketing Strategies Conference.

MAX Digital is a leader in automotive digital marketing and retail technologies. The platform provides a suite of digital tools designed to help dealers acquire, price, merchandise, and sell inventory. Solutions include Automotive Digital Retailing, MAXDigital’s Inventory Management Software, and MAX Analytics.

Brad Kruse, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing with MAXDigital, will be hosting a dynamic workshop titled, “Stop the Drop—How to Stop Losing Profit and Sell More Vehicles at or Near Your Asking Price.”

Attendees will learn the easy-to-follow, evidence-based selling techniques critical to connect with today’s resourceful consumers. Learning how to focus on value, the audience will be shown how trust and transparency can impact profits if sales teams aren’t prepared for them.

Be sure to visit MAXDigital at their booth and at Brad’s workshop to learn more!

Register Now for DMSC

The Digital Marketing Strategies Conference is unlike any event in the automotive industry. Held annually in Napa Valley, DMSC is an executive-level conference designed to assist automotive dealers with creating a market-dominating digital strategy for the year ahead. This year’s DMSC will be held May 22-24th at the Napa Valley Marriott Resort & Spa.

The speakers and workshops are strategically chosen to cover all areas of a dealership’s digital marketing strategy. Sessions are hands-on, intimate, highly engaging, and are geared to the dealership that wants to fully understand online marketing to gain a competitive edge.

By limiting the event to just 100 attendees and providing a varied agenda of workshops, dinners, and networking events, the conference is full of opportunities to talk one-on-one with the experts behind the products dealers use every day.

The 2017 Digital Marketing Strategies Conference will sell out; to secure your spot, please visit the registration page.