What a wonderfully planned and run conference. I have never been that well feed or ‘Wined’ at any conference I have attended in all my years. I learned a lot of new things, met some great associates and potential vendors/business partners.

Brian Rydell

Dealer, Rydell Auto Group

I had a great time here in Napa, getting lots of input from the various sessions. The personal atmosphere of the relatively small group was excellent. Lots of opportunities to talk to people from the dealer and vendor side. It was clearly worth the trip, not to mention the wonderful place and weather here.

Esko Thuellen

Dealership Managing Director

I want to thank Brian, Carrie and the team at PCG for an amazing week at DMSC. This is the intimate learning experience where strategy and process meet.

Brentley Jones

Owner, Luxury Motors

I have to say I have been to a number of different conferences in the past and I usually feel like the information provided is either already easily obtainable elsewhere or just a glorified vendor pitch. DMSC was by far, one of the most beneficial conferences I have ever attended. The guest speakers were all top notch and provided insights I would not have received anywhere else. Please count me in for next year!

Paul Ray

General Manager, Bowen Scarff Ford Lincoln