Conference Agenda

Exclusive Wine Dinner

VIP Wine Dinner 5:30 pm – We have booked the entire facility at Castello di Amorosa in St. Helena. Reserve your tickets on this page.

Experience this unique Napa Valley winery with our private chefs, outstanding wines, and spectacular visitor center, barrel rooms, and period decor.

Pre-Conference Activities

Sunday evening starts the official programming for the conference. In the morning, guests can participate in tours at local Napa wineries.

Wine Tasting Tour 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Luxury buses will take DMSC attendees on a short wine tour to a few local wineries. The buses will return in time to allow everyone to gather for the opening reception at DMSC with live music in the hotel courtyard.

There will be multiple tours available so that attendees can select which wineries that they would like to visit. Since Napa Valley wineries have limits to how many guests can be accommodated at any one time, this system allows everyone on the tour to have a first-class experience.

Buses will depart from the Marriott Parking lot at 9:00 am sharp. 

Conference Kickoff

4:00 pm Opening General Session 

Brian Pasch – “The Renaissance of Automotive Advertising Metrics: Moving from Quantity to Quality

5:00 pmProactive Portfolio Management – Unlocking The Profits in Your DMS” – Brian Pasch, Kendall Billman

5:45 pm  “Automotive Industry Transformation” –  Panel Discussion with Cliff Banks 

6:15 pm  The Need For Automotive Certifications” – Glenn Pasch

6:30 pm VIP Reception – Local Winemaker J. Cage Cellars to present their portfolio of wines.

  • Reception will include Passed Hors ‘d’oeuvre

Join DMSC attendees for our opening reception to get everyone in the mood to learn. Attendees can also book their own dinner after 8:00 pm, if needed. The opening night is always a great start to the conference so you will likely want to stick around and make dinner plans for Monday and Tuesday nights.

First Full Day of Conference

  • 7:45 Breakfast (please be on time)
  • 8:30 General Session Challenge: Alan Krutsch – Making The Case for a One-Price Dealership
  • 9:00 Keynote Stu Mittleman – Ultrarunning Hall of Fame
  • 10:00 Workshops
  • 11:00 Coffee Break
  • 11:15 Keynote: Chip King– President & CEO, CallRevu– “We Analyzed Over 20MM Calls & Discovered The Secret to Fixing the Phones
  • 12:15 Lunch
  • 1:15 Workshops
  • 2:15 Workshops
  • 3:15 Coffee Break
  • 3:30 Keynote: Chip Perry– President & CEO, TrueCar – “Online Digital Retailing is NOT a Silver Bullet”
  • 4:30 Technology Challenge – Sean Seltzer from SocialDealer
  • 5:15 Wine Reception

Final Day of Conference

  • 7:45 Breakfast (please be on time)
  • 8:30 General Session Challenge
  • 9:00 Keynote: Brian Pasch, Founder PCG Companies – “Rethinking Your Digital Strategy In Light Of Engagement Data”
  • 10:00 Workshops
  • 11:00 Coffee Break
  • 11:15 Keynote:  John Clavadetscher –Chief Revenue Officer,
  • 12:15 Lunch
  • 1:15 Workshops
  • 2:15 Workshops
  • 3:15 Coffee Break
  • 3:30 Keynote: Eddy Viola – Facebook- “No Mobile, No Meeting!
  • 4:30 Technology Challenge – Customer Retention
  • 5:15 Wine Reception

Head to the Airport

There are a number of early morning flight back home. Please give yourself a full 3 hours in the morning to drive to the airport, drop off your rental car, and check-in.  Sometimes the morning rush hour can be difficult to judge for traffic.