Pre-Conference Activities

Friday May 19, 2017

Guest can arrive on Friday afternoon to participate in wine tasting activities on Saturday and Sunday. Guests coming into Napa early need to indicate their level of interest in planned activities in advance with Carrie Hemphill.

Friday Evening Dinner – Local & Casual

Friday evening we will have blocks of restaurants pre-reserved for early arriving guests. The dining options will be in Yountville, where a number of great restaurants are all within walking distance from each other. If you would like to have dinner with DMSC guests, ask to be part of the Friday evening dinner. Guests are responsible for their own meal costs, which will be averaged and divided by table.

Saturday May 20, 2017

On Saturday we will have two options for early arriving DMSC guests. Attendees can participate in an exclusive dinner or can plan other dinner reservations at their leisure.

Private Dinner 

Register HERE for the exclusive dinner sponsored by Social Dealer

Click here to view the conference agenda, that starts on Sunday May 21st