Alan Krutsch

Alan Krutsch

Vice-President Sales & Marketing
Ryan Adams Group

Alan has over 15 years of retail automotive experience in sales, marketing and leadership roles. His auto career started on the sales floor and progressed through finance and sales management. Alan has served as Director of Marketing for two prominent dealer groups where his knowledge of brand management and skill as an innovative digital marketer lead to market share increases and reduced costs per vehicle sold. His entire auto career has been spent working for progressive one-price dealer groups. He has spoken at numerous industry conferences on digital marketing and customer experience design.

At Ryan Adams Group, he helps guide dealers who are converting to a one price business model as well as single point of contact. Ryan Adams Group is a consulting and coaching organization that facilitates change management as dealers adopt a more transparent business model. Ryan Adams Group has helped over 60 dealerships transition to one-price selling.

Topic: Why One-Price and Why Now?

Whether you are contemplating a business model change or just curious about how up-front pricing works Alan will stimulate your thinking when he presents current industry trends from automotive and other retail segments that are driving retailers toward transparent business practices.

Recruiting challenges, margin compression, differentiation through customer experience design, e-commerce and speed of transaction are a few of the topics covered. Alan will use one-price dealer financial composites to help attendees understand how this customer focused business model impacts profitability.

If you are comfortable with the traditional method of retailing cars this presentation is for you. You will be challenged to think about the experience being delivered on your show floor today and how your customer’s expectations are being shaped by a retail environment that is undergoing rapid change.


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