David Metter

David brings a wealth of automotive knowledge and experience to AutoHook powered by Urban Science, both from a dealer and service provider perspective. As President of AutoHook, David leads strategy, product, sales, and marketing for the industry leading provider. As the co-architect of the product suite, he works with OEM’s, agencies, vendor partners, and dealers to increase lead conversion, showroom visits, sales attribution, and brand Loyalty & Conquest rate.

Prior to starting AutoHook, David served more than six years as Chief Marketing Officer for MileOne Automotive, a large, privately held automotive dealership group. At MileOne, he built an industry-leading marketing organization, leveraging technology and the internet to increase market share, while dramatically decreasing advertising spend per vehicle sold.  David previously headed sales for Autobase for nearly 5 years, where he helped grow the company from a small start-up to the leading automotive CRM software vendor.

He began his career on showroom floor. As an early adopter of technology, he built a prospecting and follow-up system that helped him rise to become one of the top Chrysler salesmen in the country and moved his way up, eventually to General Manager of a dealership.

David is regarded as one of the foremost experts in the automotive marketing and e-commerce space and is a frequent speaker at industry events including Digital Dealer, the Global Automotive Conference, NADA, 20 Groups, and JD Power’s Automotive Internet Roundtable.

David is an avid automotive enthusiast and lives in Suwanee, GA with his wife, Loni and their 6 children.

David’s DMSC Workshop

Game Changers: Those That Change the Game, Win the Game

Game changers step, or rather leap out of the box. In fact, the four lines that comprise of this figurative mental blockade are completely invisible in the mind of a true leader. There is traditional, predictable thinking, and then there is the kind of thinking that obliterates the box and refuses to believe it exists. This session will cover the latter type of strategy. We all know that measurable growth – real success, occurs outside of your comfort zone. Today, dealers must think differently to change the game. This session will teach you how to demolish the imaginary lines that make up the box in order to take your marketing to new heights and ultimately, win the game.

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