DMSC Awards

To mark the eigth year of the Digital Marketing Strategies Conference, we want to recognize dealerships and the great ideas that have driven them to real-world success. In these first-ever DMSC Awards, we’re asking dealers to submit their best strategies across SEO, Paid Search, Email Marketing, Social Media, and Video.

The best strategies with the best results will take home top honors and those same strategies will be shared with fellow attendees, making these awards yet another way to learn and improve at DMSC.

To receive the full application, fill out the form below, choosing one or more of the categories you’d like to be considered for.

We will email you with the full application shortly thereafter.

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Contest Rules

  1. No cost to enter.
  2. To be considered, the submitting dealer must be in attendance at DMSC.
  3. Each submission must be accompanied by a description of the strategy and documentation demonstrating the results.