Brian Abrams

Sr. Director, Consumer Experience & Automotive Product

Brian leads a team of Product and Technology experts focused on LivePerson’s new AI-powered automotive product offering, as well as the consumer experience across all of the verticals that LivePerson serves. His career in the digital ecosystem spans 17 years across various roles in Digital Advertising, Product Innovation, and Customer Experience. Brian’s passion for innovation has led him to bring products and experiences to market while leading strategic initiatives at Mercedes-Benz USA, Cox Automotive, and Hearst Media. Brian is originally from Chicago, but now resides in Atlanta with his wife Christy and their three children,Eban, Asher and Ella.

The Conversational Dealership: Why the automotive industry should embrace conversational AI now

In a time where self-driving cars are being tested for the masses and wifi-enabled vehicles are
already on the road, it’s no far stretch to say that the auto industry is embracing technology at
every turn. In this educational session, LivePerson’s Brian Abrams will explore the vision of a
fully conversational dealership, powered by AI and automation. Brian will cover how automation
can route simple inquiries such as dealership hours or inventory, while agents handle complex,
high-value conversations such as trade-in estimates, home delivery options, and changes to
purchase orders. At the core of this lesson is an introduction to customer intents, or why a
customer reaches out to a brand, and how understanding and applying that information with
automation can transform your business.

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