David Metter


David Metter


David Metter brings a wealth of automotive knowledge and experience to AutoHook, both from a dealer and service provider perspective. Prior to co-founding AutoHook and growing the company to serve over 7,000 dealers, David served over six years as the CMO for MileOne Automotive, where he built an industry-leading marketing organization, leveraging technology and the Internet to increase market share while dramatically decreasing advertising spend per vehicle sold. David previously headed sales for Autobase, where he helped grow the company from a start-up to the leading automotive CRM software vendor. As an early adopter of arising technologies, he built a prospecting and follow-up system that helped him rise to become one of the top Chrysler salesmen in the country, and eventually General Manager of a dealership. David is regarded as one of the foremost experts in the automotive marketing and e-commerce space and is a frequent speaker at the industry’s most influential events.

Topic: “IF YOUR CRM COULD TALK. Why You Can’t Win Without Knowing What You’re Losing”

Science is truth. Science has proven the key to winning in this industry starts with knowing what you’re losing. No dealer can escape the secrets your CRM data will bring to the surface once it’s viewed through the proper lens. This session will show you how to cure the ailments in your operations by defining your greatest opportunities and losses tied to a specific lead source, model, geography and even your salespeople.


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