Workshop Schedule

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Wednesday, February 6
9:30am Workshops Round 1 (Choose from 6)
* Google Analytics Part I – Segmenting Your Data For Better Marketing Analysis (Regency Room A) Brian Pasch
* Secrets of Internet Sales Masters Revealed (Regency Room B) Jerry Thibeau
* How Rick Case Honda Sold More Cars By Using Integrated Video SEO and Video PreRoll Strategies (Regency Room C) AJ LeBlanc
* Is Your Dealer Website Using A Winning Strategy? It’s Time to Think Again! (Regency Room D) Dave Page
* Top 10 Tips for Flourishing in Automotive E-Commerce (Regency Room E) Myril Shaw
* Service Lane Prospecting: Driving Additional Revenue With Your Existing Data (Regency Room F) Lyndsey Rodriguez
1:00pm Workshops Round 2 (Choose from 6)
* Google Analytics Part II – How To Attribute Influence To Website Traffic Using Napkin Math (Regency Room A) Brian Pasch, Thomas Gage
* Learn From Apple – Taking an App Store Approach to Vendor Selection (Regency Room B) David Metter
* Ratings, Recognition and REVENUE through Reputation Management (Regency Room C) Beth Latta & Andy Largent
* Is Your Internet Team Making The Grade (Regency Room D) Joe Webb
* Market Insights: The Changing Landscape of Vehicle Valuations (Regency Room E) Jared Rowe
* Big Data Without Action Means….NOTHING! (Regency Room F) Glenn Pasch
3:30pm Workshops Round 3 (Choose from 6)
* Build Your Business the “Old-Fashioned Way” with the Benefit of Today’s Technologies (Regency Room A) Paul Sansone
* The Death of Automotive SEO! Fact or Fiction? (Regency Room B) Expert Panel
* Website Conversion: How to Leverage A/B Testing and Neuromarketing (Regency Room C) Amir Amirrezvani
* 10 Most Important Strategic Measures for Dealers to Consider in Their Business Plan for 2013 (Regency Room D) Jim Flint
* Take The Mirror Test. What Do You Really Look Like? (Regency Room E) Glenn Pasch
* Dealer Success: How a Toyota Dealer Went from Selling 55 to 140 Units Per Month in Just 6 Months (Regency Room F)  Marc McGurren


Thursday, February 7
9:30am Workshops Round 1 (Choose from 6)
* How to Recruit, Screen and Hire The Right People For Your Digital Marketing Centric Dealership (Regency Room A) Ralph Paglia
* Dealer Panel: Canadian Marketing Strategies Can’t Be Copied From The US (Regency Room B) Dealer Panel
* Advanced Strategies in Lead Handling, Communication Tactics and Personnel Development (Regency Room C) David Kain
* Digital Moments That Matter in 2013: Amplifying the Attachment to Your Dealership’s Brand (Regency Room D) Peter Leto
* The Power of 3rd-Party Content: What’s Your Offensive Strategy for Online Reputation Management? (Regency Room E) Larry Cochran
* Accountability: How Simple Processes Can Keep Your Team Focused on Your Goals (Regency Room F) Glenn Pasch
1:00pm Workshops Round 2 (Choose from 6)
* How To Best Train Your Staff and Know When You Have it Right! (Regency Room A) Ralph Paglia
* Industry First: The True Influence, Traffic, and ROI Generated By Craigslist (Regency Room B) Yago Páramo
* Google On Steroids: How To Get Your Online Strategy In High Gear (Regency Room C) Jason Wiley
* Tomorrow’s Technology To Tap Into Today’s Top Talent (Regency Room D) Craig Lockerd
* How To Count VDP’s on Your Dealer Website and Predict Future Sales (Regency Room E) Thomas Gage
* Tools, Resources and Best Practices for Car Dealer Internet Marketing (Regency Room F) Bill Allen
3:30pm Workshops Round 3 (Choose from 7)
* How To Use Objective Data to Create Performance Plans and Compensation Models (Regency Room A) Ralph Paglia
* The Evolution of the BDC: Has Your Dealership Evolved? (Regency Room B) Stan Sher
* 5 Keys to Understand the Future of Mobile as a Dealership (Regency Room C) Carlton van Putten
* Dealer Panel: My One Best Idea For Dealers To Implement in 2013 (Regency Room D) Dealer Panel
* Using Big Data to Manage Your On-line Presence From Key Word to Lead Submission (Regency Room E) Jason Ezell
* Creating a 2013 digital “shopping” experience that drives higher profits and consumer satisfaction (Regency Room F) Ken Potter

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