Jason Girdner


Jason Girdner


Jason Girdner, is the founder and CEO of TECOBI, he has built several successful advertising technology companies in the automotive space, on both the traditional and digital sides of the business. He has spent the past 16 years building, selling and training staff of all levels how to use and successfully implement advertising software. As a rare hybrid sales person/software engineer he can recognize opportunities to capture and convert more leads and help build the solutions to capitalize on those opportunities.

Girdner, having a strong back ground in lead generation through direct mail campaigns, decided to move into digital marketing in 2008. He built a company called SocialUPs which focused on gaming applications to drive Fans/Likes to auto dealer Facebook pages. This was such a success he still holds the record for most fans driven to an auto dealer page. (Walker Toyota 232,000+)

As much of the industry started to realize Fans/Likes don’t equate to car deals, so did Girdner. Therefore, he built a company called SPARQ in partnership with Moore & Scarry Advertising. He once again was searching for the key to selling cars on Social Media. SPARQ is a customer photo sharing application used at the time of delivery. The sales person takes a picture of the customer and the customer shares their photo and experience on their Facebook page. Friends and family of the customer “SPARQ” their photo and their data is captured so the dealer can market to them. It’s the perfect tool for driving engagement and referral leads.

Although SPARQ is a great success. It required too much work from the dealer. It became a challenge to get the photos taken and submitted. The dealers that implemented it did very well, but the ones that didn’t wasted their money. He didn’t see this as a scalable and viable option for most dealers.

After selling his equity in SPARQ, Girdner decided to start working on developing a solution to handle SMS/Text Messages at scale. He realized much of our communication patterns were changing and the automotive space had no real solution for this. He quickly realized you could connect Text Messages through Facebooks API to their paid ad platform. This is the key he has been searching for. The lead volume is insane and the engagement off the charts. Learning from past experiences he also knew dealers needed to focus on selling cars and not following up on text message leads all day. He started building a team of what he calls Text Ninjas to help dealers set appointments on the Facebook leads being generated.

TECOBI is a complete turn-key solution that can generate any type of traffic you are looking for. New car, used car, lease, buyback, credit. Any kind of lead. No software to learn. No staff to get sold on using the software. They create the ads, use their proprietary software to generate leads, and set all the appointments. He hasn’t just changed the game for social marketing but for advertising as a whole in the automotive space.


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