Paul (1972) started his career as a pump attendant and grows from car salesman to co-owner of a dealer company. Here Paul noticed early on that online automotive has thefuture and so he starts selling cars online in 2000.

In 2008 Paul sells his share in the dealer company to be able to fully focus on his own
company, The first website to sell new cars online!

In 2015, eBay buys from Paul. In the meantime Paul is busy, besides his work for Marktplaats. Under the name #DCDW he offers services to car companies such as Call Track Manager, the virtual BDC and Calldrip. He provides seminars, training courses, workshops and presentations to improve lead follow-up and online automotive in Europe.

Paul de Vries weekly presents an interesting podcast with guests from home and abroad.
His second book, Follow up: “meer succes als digitaal autobedrijf” recently appeared, the sequel to the successful “Lead the Way op de digitale snelweg”

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