Car Dealers Are Asked To Take This 60 Second Marketing Test

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With 2013 right around the corner, I would like to invite all readers to take 60 seconds and test something that has great value to their business.   Can you give me 60 seconds right now?

Automotive mobile search traffic is increasing each month. By the end of 2013 Google estimates that 39% of all automotive queries will come from a mobile or tablet device.   With that in mind, take this quick 60 second test to answer one simple question:

How Strong Is Your Visibility For Mobile Searches?


Take The 60 Second Mobile Test

To take the test you need to have a mobile device in proximity to your dealership.  You can be five  miles away from your physical building as long as you want to pull local consumers from your current location to the dealership.   With your mobile device in hand, perform a few searches on Google.

The below five search examples are based on a Ford franchise, so you can change the OEM brand that you want to test. So, on your mobile device, search:

  1. Ford Dealers
  2. Ford Service
  3. 2013 Ford F150
  4. Ford Trucks
  5. Used Ford For Sale

Now grade yourself.  Give yourself 20 points for each search that results in your dealership showing up in the first TWO paid search ads, shown in yellow in the example on the right.   If you appeared in all five searches you would get 100 points.  If you appeared in only two, you would get 40 points.

This search, conducted on my mobile phone today in Eatontown, had no Ford dealers showing in paid search.   This is strange because when I conducted the same search from my desktop computer, a very different picture emerged.

The Desktop Paradox

There are multiple Ford dealers within a 30 minute drive of my office in Eatontown.  The reason why these dealers are NOT showing up in mobile search is NOT because they are unaware of Google Adwords.  In fact, you can see from the screen capture below, multiple local FORD dealers are paying for Google Adwords (red boxed area) designed to reach desktop consumers.

On another note, you will see how the Google+ Local search data (orange boxed area) is very prominent on the page.  Reviews for each dealership are very prominently displayed, so based on reviews, who would you visit first?

Ford Dealers Mobile Paid Search


From this screen capture, you can see that five local Ford dealers are buying Google Adwords for desktop devices.    Yet these same five dealers have not allocated enough funds to show up for 30+% of searches related to buying a Ford vehicle; mobile searches.  So, it’s either budget constraints or the vendor running their Adwords strategy has not included a mobile strategy.  In either case, this is a big missed opportunity.

Do you see the importance of inspecting your mobile visibility each month?

What did the results of your mobile searches reveal?  Is your mobile strategy as strong as you would like?

If you did not like what you saw on your own mobile device, then may I suggest that you get the best strategies to reach mobile consumers by attending the 2013 Digital Marketing Strategies Conference?   DMSC will be presenting the latest insights, tactics, and success stories from auto dealers using paid search to reach mobile devices.  Get the latest insights from Google directly; Peter Leto will be sharing his latest research for car dealers.

You only know what you know, so get the missing pieces from the experts.

I hope to see you in Orlando, just prior to NADA at the 2013 Digital Marketing Strategies Conference.

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