Stu Mittleman

Stu Mittleman

Stu Mittleman

Stu is a world record-setting endurance athlete, sought-after fitness coach, and motivational speaker with degrees in Sociology, Sports Psychology, and Exercise Physiology.

Recently inducted into the American Ultra-running Hall of Fame, and been called the Greatest All-Around American Ultra-Distance Runner by Ultrarunning Magazine. Stu has been a faculty member and part of an elite coaching team at Anthony Robbins’ Mastery University since 1991.

As a world-class endurance athlete, Stu set eight National and International records running, including the 1,000-mile world record in 1986 (11 days!), and American records for the 100-Mile Run (12 hours 56 min), and the Six-Day Race (578 miles). In 1983, Stu successfully competed in the IronMan (Hawaii) World Triathlon Championships (73rd out of 1000) and the UltraMan (Double IronMan) World Triathlon Championships (2nd Place).

He currently serves as the Director of Fitness at the world renowned Indian Wells Tennis Garden, where he provides world-class training for athletes of all ages and abilities.

In the summer of 2000, Stu decided to put his principles of endurance to the test, embarking on a 3,000-mile journey from San Diego to New York City. He finished in a remarkable 56 days! That’s more than two marathons a day for 56 consecutive days! His “Journey Across America” raised over $175,000 which was donated to the Anthony Robbins Foundation as start-up funding for the original the Global Youth Leadership Summit.

Stu currently serves as the Director of Fitness at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden.

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