Allan Cooper


Innovating the way cars are sold may not have made Allan Cooper popular with colleagues, but it made him one of the most successful salespeople at a dealership. Customers appreciated his transparency and laser-focus on customer service, which would usually include home or office delivery; but, in the 1980s, his industry peers were less enthusiastic about these consumer-centric tactics. 

His commitment to relationship building and pain-free car buying led to the establishment of one of the first Internet Business Development Centers. Alongside industry-veteran Paul Whitehead, Cooper co-managed a sales team that generated 2000+ new Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep retail vehicle sales annually. Cooper credits owning the customer relationship and creating a CRM process for his success. Fittingly, when he left retail auto sales, he became a minority partner in AutoTown, developers of DealerTrak, the first-ever integrated CRM tool for dealerships.

Cooper then co-founded OneCommand, one of the first companies to recognize the importance of targeted voice and integrated multi-channel messaging for increased consumer engagement and loyalty. Cooper introduced the company to new verticals, including entertainment, sports, healthcare and more, and went on to establish Cooper Media Group, a consulting firm focused on strategic partnerships in the USA and internationally for companies including CallSource, CDK, LightspeedVT and others. 

 In 2016, tech-startup Reviver recruited Cooper to establish dealership distribution for the company’s digital license plates. He was instrumental in fundraising for the company at a critical time of growth, raising more than $15 million through his global network.

 As the principal of Cooper Media Group, he created PiM INTEL, a DaaS (Data as a Service) company that monitors consumer behavior and purchase intent, enabling businesses to identify, manage and engage consumers at the inflection points paramount to building and consummating a sales relationship.

As a partner at Resolute Sports Advisors, Cooper manages the strategic alignment of athlete sponsorship and partnerships.  

Cooper was honored by JD Power and Associates as a “Pioneer of Automotive Internet Retailing” in 2005 and is frequently asked to speak on emerging trends in automotive sales, business culture and consumer engagement at various events, including the North American International Auto Show, JD Power Marketing Roundtable, DrivingSales Presidents Club, Digital Dealer, etc.

Cooper is passionately involved in philanthropic activities, focused on helping children, including his own Pier2Pier4Kids (, an annual cycling event to raise money/awareness for charities that improve the lives and welfare of children in the USA and Australia.