Early Bird Pricing Ends on January 31, 2023   —  Act Fast & Get Our Lowest Ticket Price, Grab Your Tickets Now!

Early Bird Pricing Ends on January 31, 2023   —   Grab Your Tickets Now!

May 21-23, 2023
Austin, Texas

CDPs | Data - Educational Track

The All-Encompassing Event for Data Management

Discover your CDP Partner and gain a competitive edge: Join industry experts for three days of intimate training at DMSC23. Explore our scheduled sessions, download Brian Pasch’s CDP Research Report, and get prepared for the future of data management in 2023!

3 Days of Immersive CDP Training

12+ CDP Sessions

Explore solutions, insights, strategies and more from CDP experts in sessions that span all 3 days of the event!

Hands-On Workshops

Get hands-on training in processes to make CDPs & MAPs work to their highest efficiency for your dealership.

CDP Vendor Showcase

Find the CDP or MAP vendor that suits your dealership best with a speed dating formatted vendor showcase.

May 21-23, 2023
Austin, Texas

CDP Sessions at DMSC23

Explore the sessions dedicated to Data Management and CDP’s.


In an Ever-Changing Marketplace, Gain a Competitive Advantage with Easily Accessible Daily Defection Data

May 21 | 12:30pm

Virtual Workshop

Zero, First, Second, and Third…
It’s a Data Party!

May 21 | 12:30pm

CDP Vendor Showcase

Speed date prospective CDP Partners

May 21 | 1:30pm

Mainstage Panel

Identity Resolution Is the Foundation of CDPs

May 21 | 4:30pm

Keynote Address

How to Leverage Dealership Data to Maximize the Lifetime Value of Your Customers

May 21 | 5:30pm

Keynote Address

Modern CDP: Actionable Roadmap and Best Practices

May 22 | 10:30am


Do You Have Customer Relationships or Transaction-ships?

May 22 | 1:30pm

Mainstage Panel

Advanced Data Activation of Data from CDP’s

May 22 | 5:00pm

Mainstage Panel

Clean Rooms – Safely Unlocking More From Your CDP and 3rd Party Data Sets

May 23 | 8:00am

Mainstage Panel

Integrating Call Data into CDP’s

May 23 | 10:30am

Keynote Address

Why Dealers Must Prioritize Activation, Integration & Security.

May 23 | 1:30pm

CDP Research Report

Explore the major findings of the Pasch Group Research report on Automotive CDPs

May 23 | 4:00pm

Don’t Get Left Behind in the Race to Efficient, and Secure Data Management.

With CDPs revolutionizing the way businesses manage and utilize this data, it’s more important than ever to stay ahead of the competition. That’s why our CDP Education Track at the DMSC23 Conference is a must-attend event for anyone looking to excel in the world of customer data management. Join us in Austin for DMSC23!

Direct learning from 25+ CDP-centric industry experts

Converse over 3 days with vendors and experts

Speed-date format showcase of the leading automotive CDP vendors

Dive deeper into the Pasch Group CDP Research Report

Get Your Copy of the Pasch Group CDP Research Report


Today, average franchise dealers have their customer journey touchpoints spread across a dozen different companies which do not communicate with each other. CDP companies are working towards developing an all-encompassing first-party management solution. Brian Pasch has created a dealership manager’s guide to discovering the ideal CDP Partner for your dealership!

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DMSC Will Return to Austin
on June 2-4, 2024

DMSC will return to Austin on June 2-4, 2024

Stay Tuned for More Information and Join our Fall Event; Modern Retailing Conference in Palm Beach, FL


Join us in Palm Beach for
Pasch Group's Fall Event

Join us in Palm Beach for Pasch Group's Fall Event