Curtis DeGroote


Curtis started selling cars 25 years ago, then after leading as #1 salesperson for months he moved into Automotive Marketing & Promotional Sales Events for a National Automotive Ad Agency. It was during his 7 years here that he started working on Logic & Trigger based Sales and Service Communications beginning in 2004. 

Serving as Director of Research and Development for DME Automotive he created the 1st Automated Sales Lifecycle Marketing Program in 2007 which launched in 2008 and is still in use today by one of the largest automotive marketing companies in our industry.

As partner at Driving Loyalty, he built the First Automated Equity Mining Communications Platform as well as the 1st Used Car, Database Marketing Platform in 2009. 

Next, he went on to create the first Automated Consumer Garage Portal Platform allowing Customers to shop from home with their Equity rolled into the new payment beginning in 2010. 

In 2015, while serving at Driving Loyalty he created the first Automated Equity Platform for Canada which still exists today as Canada’s #1 Automated Marketing Technology. 

Today, as CEO and Partner in MarketPoint, he has built the Automotive Industry’s first fully integrated Lifecycle Management Platform with Equity application and powering an Advanced Consumer Garage Portal with integrated Consumer Reviews, Data Workflows, Website Conquest Visitor Identification, and an Incentive Review Engine & Automated Communications from Salespeople, all in one platform. 

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