The Digital Marketing Strategies Conference is a high-level executive planning event, designed to assist automotive dealers with creating a market-dominating digital marketing strategy for the year ahead. Held annually in-person and virtually, this event brings the top thought leaders from the automotive industry together.  This event is for the progressive dealer interested in learning how to be a part of their dealership’s digital retailing strategy and lead their teams in a digital age. 

A Big Thanks to All Our 2020 Speakers!


Chosen specifically for their thought leadership and contributions to the industry, DMSC’s expert speakers will provide key insights for your digital strategy and allow dealers to meet the “people behind the products” they use everyday. 

Virtual Networking

DMSC is an intimate event that allows attendees to amplify their investment in education and focus on strategy and process, while also providing opportunities for experts and speakers to work with the dealers in attendance.


Hands-on, intimate, highly engaging, and rich in content, the workshops at DMSC are geared to the dealership managers who want to fully understand digital strategy and stay ahead of their local competition.

Digital Retailing

A move to allow consumers to Digitally Time Shift their buying process to include shopping and purchasing from  home, office, and in the showroom.