Sam Vukas

Chief Operating Officer
Dealer eProcess

Sam Vukas had a love for automotive that began at a very young age. He started by rebuilding wrecked vehicles with his father in their garage and aspired to be an automotive technician. As soon as he could, he got a job as a porter in hopes to be around the technicians and try to learn more. From there he quickly decided he wanted to work in service but not as a technician. He worked his way up from porter to dispatcher, then warranty administrator, next to assistant service manager, and eventually Fixed-Ops Director. After working in the dealership for years, he decided he wanted a new challenge and joined the DEP team in 2015, overseeing business development and innovation. In that role, Sam Vukas served automotive dealerships by identifying new ideas and best practices to accelerate their growth and grow the overall value to the shoppers.

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