Andrew Myers is a staffed event salesman turned videographer & entrepreneur (Founder of What’s Next Media & Parachute Video Ads). With over 2 decades in the automotive industry, he has seen the evolution of what it means to provide value for prospects throughout the buying experience. In recent years, he has focused on doing more with less and bringing dealership staff and unique value statements into the light through expert social media advertising and a proprietary tech stack.

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3 Birds 1 Stone: Turn Your Team Into The Content Engine That Drive Your Business Forward

Presented by Parachute Videos

The presentation, titled “3 Birds One Stone” is designed to educate its audience about effective and unique Video+Inventory advertising strategies in the digital space. It covers important topics such as building and using video-view audiences, utilizing them to create a model-specific funnel approach, and the importance of merchandising specific inventory segments while featuring LIVE inventory from that segment within the ad.

There are two main segments, in the first we focus on the key results that typically come from most advertising (clicks, calls, forms, messages, scheduled appts, etc) and reinforce that social media ads are capable of delivering each of those results types. We compare the “Cost Per Result” on these actions while reminding the audience that often with social media you will pay for 1 of these results, but receive more than one!

(For example: Video Specials Ads that build an audience, get views, brand the dealer with audio impressions, and generate clicks/messages all with the same $1 invested in running the ad)

The second main chunk shares some specific video ad content we have helped our partners generate (using their guests/staff) alongside a syllabus of effective content types, scripts, and examples. We will also cover Andrew’s uniquely relevant experience and the basic training of holding and using a regular cell phone to produce effective follow-up, prospecting, and ad content.

The goal is to provide practical, actionable strategies for enhancing online advertising effectiveness, particularly through video content while delivering all the tools and playbooks needed for high-performing dealers/managers to follow this strategy on their own. We want to help dealers be more authentic, unique, and efficient in their advertising efforts!



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